10 Reasons Why Manufacturing Is Moving In-Memory


Two centuries back, the industrial revolution reshaped manufacturing. Today, another transformation is underway. It’s powered by big data, and it touches every aspect of the manufacturing process, from materials sourcing and assembly lines to sales support and maintenance. The potential payoff from harnessing big data insights is enormous, but so are the new challenges that manufacturers are facing around data volume, velocity, variety and value.

To capture the Big Data opportunity, manufacturers are quickly moving data out of slow disk-bound databases and into ultra-fast machine memory. Here are 10 ways that manufacturers can benefit from in-memory data management:

1. Product design & development
Easily experiment with different design options for products by instantly manipulating large design files held in-memory.
2. Planning & forecasting
Use terabytes of multiple data sets and historical information, in memory, to develop more accurate plans and forecasts
3. Contracting
Flag contract and service-level agreement (SLA) violations in real time
4. Procurement
Highlight best and worst performing vendors by comparing performance against a set of KPIs
5. Supply Chain
Optimize sourcing of raw materials from multiple vendors and track inventory positions in real time, even across multiple geographies and company divisions
6. Operations
Intelligently parse data from sensors and telematics to avoid breakdowns, conduct preventive maintenance, and improve manufacturing output
7. Marketing
Understand and refine marketing campaigns based on social feeds, customer reviews, and buying patterns
8. Logistics
Optimize truck routing in real time to boost delivery speed while reducing fuel costs
9. Customer Service
Delight customers with fast service by keeping profiles and account histories in memory
10. Maintenance
Gather real-time sensor data from shipped products to quickly gain intelligence about what causes breakdowns

Simply put, in-memory computing is a big competitive differentiator for manufacturing companies. To learn how Terracotta’s in-memory data management solution, BigMemory, enables all of the above, please email me at gagan@terracotta.org or leave a comment below.

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