Terracotta Introduces BigMemory 4.0 and Announces New In-Genius Platform

BigMemory Logo

Terracotta made some big announcements today at CeBIT.  In case you missed them, here’s a recap:

First, we introduced BigMemory 4.0, the next version of our flagship in-memory data management platform. Version 4.0 achieves up to 60% faster data access than previous versions of BigMemory, and also delivers enterprise-grade levels of reliability and flexibility that were previously available only in disk-based data systems.

We were also excited to announce Terracotta In-Genius, the first in-memory intelligence platform of its kind. Enterprise, web and mobile applications will connect to an in-memory Big Data platform that integrates low-latency messaging and event stream processing for instant insights and action on your most important enterprise data.

To learn more about these exciting development from Terracotta, visit Terracotta’s press center.



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