CEP Key to Value from Big Data


Enterprise data can lose its value in an instant. But when you can access, analyze and act on data in real-time, you can also extract big value from enterprise big data. Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a fundamental component of real-time data analysis and value extraction.

Today, our parent company, Software AG announced the welcome acquisition of Apama, the market-leading platform for building CEP applications, which will enhance our collective ability to address our customers’ big data challenges.

With Apama, organizations can monitor fast-moving event streams, detect complex patterns, and take action – all in real-time. Apama will allow them to correlate and analyze business events across multiple data streams to make fast and accurate business decisions.

As we continue to meet the challenges of big data with speed and scale, we look forward to adding this capability to our mix. Along with the Apama team, we will continue to bring big data solutions to leading industries including financial services, e-commerce and telecom, to name a few. Stay tuned to the Big Data Blog for more on Apama and other exciting technology news in the coming months.

In the meantime, I invite you to share your big data challenges, interest in CEP or thoughts on other related topics.

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