Transforming Big Data into Big Fast Data


Big data is growing bigger every second with the rapid rate of data creation by mobile devices; social networks and the sensors deployed everywhere, also called the ‘internet of things.’ The most current data continues to be the most relevant but this growth has made processing data in real-time a huge challenge. This has resulted in impeding an organization’s ability to generate more revenue, improve customer service and differentiate their product offerings from the competition. Big data needs to be processed quickly to overcome these challenges.

Terracotta has been focused on overcoming this challenge from day one by transforming big data into big fast data by using its enterprise-ready in-memory capabilities. Terracotta products, BigMemory and In-Genius, enable hundreds of terabytes of heterogeneous data to be maintained in-memory, with guaranteed latency of low milliseconds, and analyzed in real-time to generate actionable insights that lead to faster decision making. Several customers are already benefiting from these capabilities as seen in the following use cases:

1. Detecting fraud in seconds: BigMemory is used by global credit card companies to process their real-time transactions to detect fraud in a few seconds. Faster fraud detection helps the credit card companies avoid millions of dollars in fraud losses. Read the case study.

2. Online gaming: The key requirements are to support response times in fractions of a second and process data from multiple sources in real-time. Terracotta achieves this by transforming terabytes of data into big fast data by storing it in-memory and handling millions of concurrent requests to the in-memory store.

3. Real-time customer recommendations: In-Genius processes customer social network, mobile app and Web click-through data in real-time and combines that with the customer’s purchase history to show relevant and real-time recommendations on large eCommerce sites, leading to better customer engagement and an increase in online revenue.

If you are interested in how Terracotta can transform your big data into big fast data, please leave a comment below or contact me.

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