Enabling Adaptive Intelligence for our Customers


Innovation World (IW) 2013, our most well attended (and most fun) customer event, just wrapped up in San Francisco. The big announcement at the event was our new ‘Big Fast Data’ offering called – Adaptive Intelligence (AI). This offering combines our leading products BigMemory and Universal Messaging with our recent acquisitions – Apama and Presto, to create a single solution that can, in real-time:

  • Interact with customers and applications across all channels – enterprise, web & mobile
  • Process data-at-rest and data-in-motion simultaneously
  • Present visual insights

No wonder this was a hot discussion topic for customers!

1. Existing Software AG Customers 

Cox Communications is one of the early adopters of Adaptive Intelligence and their presentation at IW showcased how AI has helped them create a smarter operations center. Cox integrated its webMethods IS as an input source with AI. In a similar fashion, AI’s flexibility can be utilized to integrate the existing Software AG product as an input source or have the product serve as one of the applications that receives the actions and insights output from AI. This approach benefits the business by analyzing streaming data in real-time without requiring significant changes or a sizable investment of time & money.  Cox’s use of AI has significantly reduced its need for customer service touches, improved service to its customers, and streamlined its IT infrastructure, even while enabling greater scale.

2. Existing Customers with one or more products from AI 

Adaptive Intelligence is a new offering but it is designed to be elastic to enable the deployment of the building blocks (as required by the customer use case) versus requiring all four components – BigMemory, Apama, Universal Messaging and Presto – to be deployed all the time. A customer that already has one or more of these products can easily extend its deployment by setting up other products from this offering without requiring a large custom development project. The products have been pre-integrated to operate with each other seamlessly. As an example, an employee from Citigroup presented at IW about how implementing Apama real-time event processing has improved the company’s market surveillance. That deployment can process data faster by using BigMemory along with the BigMemory driver that ships as part of AI.

3. New Customers  

If you have not been benefiting from our great products, the Adaptive Intelligence offering could totally change how you operate your business by delivering more relevant information, better response times, lower operational costs and more. AI also ships with several connectors that allow it to be easily hooked up to non-Software AG products in a customer’s environment, simplifying and speeding up deployment. As an example, during IW, a frequent customer use case was using Hadoop with AI. The out-of-the-box connectors that ship with AI make Hadoop jobs run significantly faster by writing the Hadoop output directly to BigMemory versus disk, making it an attractive option for all big data use cases.

If you missed the event and would like to learn more, please contact me directly. Also, please make sure you register for next year’s event in New Orleans by signing up here.

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