Terracotta-Sponsored Big Data Course at UC Berkeley Comes to Completion

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Last Friday on the rooftop level of a UC Berkeley building, two student groups went head-to-head unveiling formidable final presentations that concluded their Big Data course. The solutions demonstrated that the students had dared to dream as big as their data sets.

Terracotta sponsored the Big Data course at UC Berkeley hoping to to familiarize the younger student generation with the Terracotta big data products and to build innovative solutions using these products. The course succeeded in achieving both these objectives.

Four initial teams, comprised of approximately 25 students, competed during this 15-week course to create cutting-edge solutions using Terracotta products. After 13 weeks of intense competition, two teams were selected to move to the finals to compete for the grand prize. Both teams had excellent ideas / prototypes based on Terracotta BigMemory and Apama CEP products that combined streaming data from multiple sources and enriched it with historical data-at-rest to produce insights. The finals were held last Friday where the team named Sweetch was identified as the winner.

Sweetch is a social parking solution that makes finding a parking spot easier by ‘sweetching’ with the nearest driver for a small dollar amount. The solution uses streaming data that helps them understand the traffic conditions and the locations of Sweetch customers and drivers. The runner-up was Ideal Space that helps find the right location to open a business based on analysis of data from multiple sources like Yelp, FourSquare, US Census records, social media, etc. Both teams are in the process of raising funds to expand their prototypes into successful products.

Based on a recent survey UC Berkeley students are considered the “most ambitious,” and this experience has shown that they are also some of the most talented. We wish the best for the two teams and look forward to collaborating on other exciting ventures.

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