Real-time Customer Experience Management with Apama and BigMemory


This is a guest post by Dr. Mark Horsburgh, Engineering Manager for Apama.


With the release of Apama 5.1 and BigMemory 4.1 our customers can now use BigMemory directly from Apama event processing applications. It is a major advance to be able to use these two exciting technologies together, the leading complex event processing system and the leading in-memory data management system.

This integration with BigMemory extends Apama’s event processing engine, the correlator, with these new capabilities:

* Using application data sets larger than a single machine

* Sharing of data between correlators running on different machines

* Reliably storing application state to protect against hardware failure

* Notifications of changes in data values

* Caching of data from slower or mission critical systems

… all at in-memory speeds.

This enables a number of innovative solutions with Apama, including real-time customer experience management. In this solution the Apama correlator ingests high-volume streams of customer interactions, such as financial transactions, location data, social media, call detail records and service center data. The solution applies business logic to those incoming streams to determine appropriate discount incentives for customers. This strategy ensures that customers receive sales promotions at the right time and in the right context, for example an offer for a discounted camera just as they are passing the store or a suggestion to change their mobile tariff just as they are about to go over their current call or data limits.

There are Apama customers already implementing such solutions with great success. Turkcell, a leading telco in Europe, reports US$15 million additional revenue due to the ability to generate customized offers. However, until now these solutions have been relatively expensive and complex to implement. With the release of the BigMemory-Apama integration these solutions will be much less expensive to develop with a considerably faster time to market. For more information see our white paper on customer experience management:

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