Terracotta BigMemory Dramatically Improves Performance and Availability for webMethods OneData

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This is a guest post by Charles Greenberg, Senior Manager, Global MDM Product Marketing.

When you consider today’s highly complex and diversified computing environments, and the huge volumes of data inter change, the case for buying an MDM solution has never been clearer or more urgent.

Efficient and effective enterprise business processes, comprehensive and timely delivered strategic decision support, reduced time to market, and  customer satisfaction levels can literally rise and fall on the quality of available data and the ability  to realize a single and definitive view of the master record -  whether it be customer, product, supplier, vendor, employee, or location.

webMethods OneData is a browser-based, data management platform with  comprehensive, MDM and data governance functionality enabling the creation, cleansing enrichment and  synchronization of any kind of shared enterprise data, including multi-domain master data (customer, product, locations), reference data (code sets) hierarchies and meta data (terms and definitions). Cross-industry customers rely on OneData to provide consistent and highly available, good enterprise data.

Once enterprise data has been reconciled and approved in webMethods OneData’s physical repository, it is then available for all authorized, internal corporate end users, and potentially, external users, as well, including supply chain partners, and in some use cases, the public at large.  OneData’s use cases are as varied as its customer-base, with end users managing and leveraging data sets for product catalogues, multi-domain enterprise hierarchies and data glossaries for business code sets, terms and definitions.

OneData consumers, however, are increasingly and concurrently, accessing data sets through mobile devices and iPads. As the volume of user requests and concurrent views increase against OneData’s physical data base, performance times lag, and immediate availability of required data sets is not ensured.

As an example in a large HMO, MDM is chartered to support an initiative that centralizes and maintains consistent and standardized insurance and medical reference code sets for use by internal, enterprise customers. If the HMO’s employees, however, find it overly difficult to access these code sets due to performance issues at the MDM hub level, they may look for other, but less accurate resources. This compromises the MDM initiative and its goal for propagating standardized code sets.

With the addition of Terracotta’s in-memory to the OneData tool set, however, high performance, low latency, and on-demand data delivery ensures fast data access through Onedata’s RESTful Web Service capability. The result: Consistent Master Data anytime, anywhere with zero lag-time.

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