Run your applications 100 times faster

Imagine if the applications in your environment could run several times faster. Imagine if this could be done within a few days and without making a significant investment.  Now, all this can be a reality by providing business acceleration using in-memory data grid (IMDG) solutions.

Here are a few case studies that demonstrate how  these large organizations accelerated their business environment:

1. Increased traffic & conversion rate for eCommerce – A global retailer was struggling with scaling their eCommerce site. There were expensive & embarrassing downtimes under peak load, especially during heavy holiday shopping season – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. IMDG was introduced into their eCommerce environment and it eliminated the downtimes, improved performance across the board – search, product catalog, orders, back-end, etc. and helped scale the site to handle more traffic without making significant changes to the existing setup. The technical environment was primarily Oracle’s ATG & Endeca for the eCommerce environment.

2. Faster customer portal – A large bank was having performance challenges with their customer portal built using LifeRay. IMDG integrated with the portal within a few days and significantly improved the performance of the customer portal resulting in a better customer experience.

3. Improved response times for mainframe calls – Mainframes have been around for over 30 years and they continue to be in use in mission-critical environments. One of our customers was using a IBM Z-Series mainframe and wanted to get faster response times without spending significant time & effort on reworking the mainframe architecture. IMDG became the intermediate layer between the application & the mainframe, maintained all the mission-critical data, that was periodically refreshed, and reduced the dependence on the mainframe leading to faster application performance & lower mainframe transactional costs.

The IMDG solution that made all these use cases (and many more) a success is Software AG’s BigMemory. BigMemory snaps in to applications in any existing environment to dramatically increase their performance. It not only speeds up the application but also helps in scaling up or scaling out depending on the business needs & growth rate for that application. BigMemory’s ability to integrate with any application results in an operational environment where the overall productivity and the speed of decision-making go up.

If you would like to speed up applications in your environment or learn more about any of these case studies, please leave a comment below or contact me.

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