In-Memory & Internet of Things: Together they can do wonders


Internet of Things (IoT) has heralded a new era in computing technology by enabling devices to be connected and accessible at all times. According to Gartner, there will be nearly 26 billion devices by 2020. These include industrial devices that are used for improved operations, wearable devices or even home appliances. All these connected devices result in generation of greater volumes of data- growing at more frequent intervals. Managing all of this data, analyzing it and taking action is not a trivial task. One of our customers faced this challenge with 5TB of IoT data being generated in their environment on a daily basis. By the time they were done analyzing one set of 5TB data, another 5TB would be waiting for them. This necessitated a different kind of architecture to overcome this high-volume & high-velocity data challenge.

This is where in-memory data management (IMDM) comes in. IMDM enables storage of hundreds of terabytes of data, faster response times and almost instant analytics. This makes it feasible to process IoT data at the same speed, or faster, than it is being generated. Additionally, IMDM can be combined with streaming analytics technology like a complex event processing (CEP) engine to analyze data in real-time and generate insights or take actions. IMDM also supports several analytics tools to directly run insights on the in-memory data. Data can also be shared with other applications as IMDM supports several different connectivity options. Historical data can also be accessed easily and correlated with more recent data by loading up the history in-memory.

BigMemory is the IMDM market leader for guaranteed low latency, even with hundreds of terabytes of data in-memory. It supports all the IMDM features mentioned above and can be deployed quickly, within a few days, on any commodity hardware. This flexibility, short learning curve and low total cost of ownership makes BigMemory an attractive option for several IoT use cases in different verticals like oil & gas, manufacturing, retail, utilities, telecom, automotive, government and health care.

If you have an IoT use case and are interested in learning how BigMemory can help, please leave a comment below or contact me.

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