European Shopping Club deploys BigMemory

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We recently worked with a European shopping club with an annual revenue of approximately 100 million Euros. Their business model involves selling branded products through online auctions. So, once something is put up on sale, people have limited time to make a purchase. This makes performance and availability extremely critical in their environment.

With the growth of their business, they wanted to build a framework that offered low latency, scalability, and high availabilty. BigMemory met all these requirements and was also able to provide strong and consistent guarantee. Given its nature as an auction site, inventory is limited and once a product is sold, it may not be immediately available. Hence strong consistency between products sold on the site and in-stock inventory is very important. BigMemory maintained millions of objects in memory and also ensured strong consistency to avoid any customer order issues. BigMemory’s high availability capability prevented outages that could have resulted in revenue losses of thousands of Euros. Additionally, high availability reduced customer churn by preventing any outage that could result in losing customers forever.

BigMemory has been deployed in several other retail environments to improve the performance of their eCommerce sites without requiring a big investment or significant changes to existing functionality. BigMemory can easily integrate with existing eCommerce products such as ATG, Endeca, Hybris, WebSphere Commerce, Magento, etc. and can speed up the site within a matter of days.

If you would like to learn more about this use case or BigMemory in general, please leave a comment below or contact us.

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