Terracotta Bolsters In-Memory Open Source Offerings

Terracotta SAG Logov2

Terracotta is pleased to announce updates to existing open source offerings – Terracotta Server & Ehcache. The updates include:

  • Terracotta Server 4.3 OSS release for distributed caching, with offheap storage

  • New Ehcache 3 milestone release, including offheap storage and JSR107 (as previously announced last week)

The new Terracotta Server 4.3 open source offering now includes offheap storage with existing Terracotta Server project for distributed In-Memory Data Management.  Among other features, it also enables fault-tolerant distributed caching capabilities to Ehcache.

You can access all open source projects at the usual place: http://terracotta.org/downloads/open-source/catalog

You can download the source code for Terracotta Server 4.x open source kit from SVN and learn how to build the kit or become a contributor: http://terracotta.org/community/source

Find other ways to engage our community (via forums and issue tracking) here:  http://terracotta.org/community

We hope you enjoy the addition of offheap capabilities within our open source offerings!  Look for us at upcoming tech events – our team will be happy to meet and hear from you.

Feel free to reach us and provide feedback at tc-oss@softwareag.com

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