In-Memory Data Management: Solving Telecom’s Big Data Pains

Telecom is one of the leading verticals reeling from big data pains. These pains started showing after the iPhone was launched in 2007. Before the iPhone, the Telecom business mostly had customers that were on pay-per-use data plans resulting in few scalability challenges and infrequent network outages. Then came the iPhone that made the all-you-can-eat [...]

Showing off Terracotta In-Genius – 2013 AFCEA San Diego Plugfest Participation

A couple of weeks ago (end of January 2013), 2 colleagues and I participated (under our company banners, Terracotta and Software AG) in a government “plugfest”…and we won first place! Check out this other article in CTO Vision that also talks about our win - and if you’re in a rush, jump directly to the short 3 [...]

Hadoop + BigMemory: Run, Elephant, Run!

When many of us hear the term Big Data, we think Hadoop. That’s only natural as Hadoop has helped countless organizations overcome huge Big Data challenges, at relatively low cost.  No surprise, therefore, that analysts expect global demand for Hadoop to grow to $13.95 billion by 2017. That said, Hadoop isn’t a complete answer to [...]

Are eCommerce Sites Ready for Big Data Growth?

During Black Friday 2012, online retail sales topped $1 billion for the first time, marking a 26% increase over 2011. Online retail is estimated to hit $327 billion by 2016, a whopping 45% increase, with a large part of the growth coming from mobile shopping. Stats like these raise a big question for retailers: Is [...]

10 Reasons Why Manufacturing Is Moving In-Memory

Two centuries back, the industrial revolution reshaped manufacturing. Today, another transformation is underway. It’s powered by big data, and it touches every aspect of the manufacturing process, from materials sourcing and assembly lines to sales support and maintenance. The potential payoff from harnessing big data insights is enormous, but so are the new challenges that [...]

The link between in-memory computing and Big Data success

Aberdeen Group released a report earlier this year on in-memory computing’s ability to solve the big data challenges of volume and velocity. The report observes that organizations deploying in-memory computing were able to process over 3x the data at 100+x the speed versus organizations that had not done so. Interestingly, overall employee satisfaction at these organizations also increased, contributing to better business growth and results.

Travel & Logistics CIOs: Put your maps in memory

If you’re an IT exec in logistics, travel, or transportation, mapping is certain to appear on your list of top challenges for 2013. Maps pose a challenge because they require large data sets, real-time processing, and fast display. CIOs working with maps must grapple with all four of big data’s V’s: volume, velocity, variety, and value.

How E-Retailer CIOs Avoid Black Friday Blues

With the holiday season around the corner,  online retailers are looking forward to big spikes in sales, but their CIOs are hoping that their sites will be able to handle the demand. The smartest CIOs began planning for this many months ago by implementing  In-Memory Data Management (IMDM) solutions with low, predictable latencies—even while coping [...]