Terracotta BigMemory Dramatically Improves Performance and Availability for webMethods OneData

This is a guest post by Charles Greenberg, Senior Manager, Global MDM Product Marketing. When you consider today’s highly complex and diversified computing environments, and the huge volumes of data inter change, the case for buying an MDM solution has never been clearer or more urgent. Efficient and effective enterprise business processes, comprehensive and timely [...]

webMethods and BigMemory – Turbocharging Tomorrow’s Digital Enterprises

This is a guest post by Sachin Gadre, Director, Product Management, webMethods. A recent Gartner report on Web-Scale IT predicts that by 2017, 50% of the global enterprises will adopt modern architectures used by large cloud services providers like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. These large cloud providers are processing petabytes of data and supporting millions [...]

Real-time Customer Experience Management with Apama and BigMemory

This is a guest post by Dr. Mark Horsburgh, Engineering Manager for Apama.   With the release of Apama 5.1 and BigMemory 4.1 our customers can now use BigMemory directly from Apama event processing applications. It is a major advance to be able to use these two exciting technologies together, the leading complex event processing [...]

Real-Time Big Data Analytics using Presto & BigMemory

This is a guest post by Cynthia Carpenter, Sr. Product Manager for Presto. The “need for speed” is changing the way organizations think and this is impacting their demand for data.  Today’s customers require more real-time insight into what is happening in their organization and why. For years, Presto has been a leader in broadening [...]

BigMemory enables Faster eCommerce

One of Australia’s largest retailers saw their customer base shifting towards online shopping and launched an ecommerce platform to meet their needs. Last year, the platform started experiencing instability under peak load such as during a promotional campaign or during the holiday shopping period. This resulted in server crashes, lost shopping carts, negative customer experiences, [...]

How does BigMemory detect fraud and save millions of dollars?

The growth of online commerce in the last few years has resulted in the growth of online fraud. All merchants have to play the balancing act of processing transactions fast and catching fraud, at the same time. This is a significant challenge as fraud is evolving continuously and to detect & prevent it, say, within [...]