Minimize Financial Risk in Real-time Using In-Memory Data Management

Financial Services industry is one of the first adopters of big data solutions. The regulatory and risk environment for a financial services company makes it mandatory to continuously innovate and implement solutions that will help overcome the challenges of big data. The financial crisis in the last few years has made the situation tougher by [...]

Too Big to Scale? Why Financial Services can Benefit from In-Memory Data Management

Financial services organizations make money by managing a variety of tradeable assets. These assets rely on data from multiple sources to make the business of managing money run efficiently. With the recent growth in data volumes and data velocity, the wheels of this financial engine are slowing down due to pressure on existing applications to [...]

Hadoop + BigMemory: Run, Elephant, Run!

When many of us hear the term Big Data, we think Hadoop. That’s only natural as Hadoop has helped countless organizations overcome huge Big Data challenges, at relatively low cost.  No surprise, therefore, that analysts expect global demand for Hadoop to grow to $13.95 billion by 2017. That said, Hadoop isn’t a complete answer to [...]