Fraudsters No Match for Adaptive Intelligence

In a recent conversation with one of my customers, we talked about how bad guys are an alarmingly creative bunch. Earlier this year, a fraud ring was uncovered where the alleged participants created a multilayered scam of fake businesses with credit card terminals and multiple false identities with histories deeming them creditworthy. The FBI believes [...]

Digital Natives, Leading the Digital Revolution

The public dialog is rich in references to “digital natives” and “digital immigrants.” In my family we have a couple of digitally native teenagers and – as a digital immigrant – I am constantly trying to improve from “tourist digital” to true digital fluency. But businesses, and indeed whole industries, are arrayed along a similar [...]

6 Reasons to Change your Data Perspective

Human behavior fascinates me. Especially into today’s workplace, where people are asked to do more with less, yet everyone is surprised when there are gaps in what gets delivered. The intersection between human behavior and technology is even more fascinating. Is there another area of life where so much of how things work stated absolutely, [...]

3 Ways to Grow Your Online Travel Business

Global online travel sales exceeded $160 billion in 2012, growing 12% year over year. This impressive growth can be further accelerated provided the right steps are taken to overcome these key challenges. 1. Loss of business to travel agents - Even with about 150 million online travel bookings last year, travel agents saw a growth in [...]

How BigMemory Outperforms MongoDB

I’ve been asked a lot about the performance differences between Terracotta BigMemory and MongoDB, so I thought I would share the results of a head-to-head comparison between the two in which I was recently involved. The enterprise doing the comparison was a market research firm that had previously used SQL Server, and they were suffering [...]

Transforming Big Data into Big Fast Data

Big data is growing bigger every second with the rapid rate of data creation by mobile devices; social networks and the sensors deployed everywhere, also called the ‘internet of things.’ The most current data continues to be the most relevant but this growth has made processing data in real-time a huge challenge. This has resulted [...]

Improve Core Banking with Faster Analytics and Back-End Processing

Can you improve core banking with faster analytics and back-end processing? We think so! A recent report estimated that between 2009 and 2014, the total number of U.S. online banking households will increase from 54 million to 66 million. This growth will result in increased load on the core banking systems, making it a bigger [...]

Minimize Financial Risk in Real-time Using In-Memory Data Management

Financial Services industry is one of the first adopters of big data solutions. The regulatory and risk environment for a financial services company makes it mandatory to continuously innovate and implement solutions that will help overcome the challenges of big data. The financial crisis in the last few years has made the situation tougher by [...]

Boosting Hibernate Performance with In-Memory Data Management

One of the great benefits of persistence frameworks like Hibernate is that they allow architects and developers to mange data in ultra-fast machine memory, or RAM. By default, a first-level cache — at the Hibernate session level — is always enabled. A second-level cache, at the session-factory tier, is optional, but can result in huge performance gains at [...]