Personalize and Clever(ize) Your Customer Experience with Big Fast Data

Customer expectations have changed significantly in recent years with the proliferation of social media, mobile devices and location-based services. Companies have tried to capture the attention of customers through loyalty programs and promotions but those is changing too. 54% of consumers in the U.S. and Canada would consider ending their loyalty relationships if they were not [...]

Digital Natives, Leading the Digital Revolution

The public dialog is rich in references to “digital natives” and “digital immigrants.” In my family we have a couple of digitally native teenagers and – as a digital immigrant – I am constantly trying to improve from “tourist digital” to true digital fluency. But businesses, and indeed whole industries, are arrayed along a similar [...]

Transforming Big Data into Big Fast Data

Big data is growing bigger every second with the rapid rate of data creation by mobile devices; social networks and the sensors deployed everywhere, also called the ‘internet of things.’ The most current data continues to be the most relevant but this growth has made processing data in real-time a huge challenge. This has resulted [...]

CEP Key to Value from Big Data

Enterprise data can lose its value in an instant. But when you can access, analyze and act on data in real-time, you can also extract big value from enterprise big data. Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a fundamental component of real-time data analysis and value extraction. Today, our parent company, Software AG announced the welcome [...]

3 Maxims for Customer Delight

These are challenging times for online retailers. Customer loyalty is short lived and just one unpleasant experience can lead to losing the customer for life. Customers not only expect a great experience across all touchpoints but also demand the best price and an accurate understanding of their needs. Get this mix right, though, and loyalty [...]

Are eCommerce Sites Ready for Big Data Growth?

During Black Friday 2012, online retail sales topped $1 billion for the first time, marking a 26% increase over 2011. Online retail is estimated to hit $327 billion by 2016, a whopping 45% increase, with a large part of the growth coming from mobile shopping. Stats like these raise a big question for retailers: Is [...]

How E-Retailer CIOs Avoid Black Friday Blues

With the holiday season around the corner,  online retailers are looking forward to big spikes in sales, but their CIOs are hoping that their sites will be able to handle the demand. The smartest CIOs began planning for this many months ago by implementing  In-Memory Data Management (IMDM) solutions with low, predictable latencies—even while coping [...]