Big Fast Data in Aviation

It is a well-known fact that big data is a big part of the aviation industry. Each flight generates terabytes of data that requires real-time analysis to optimize flight operations, maintain safety and meet all compliance requirements. The ability to process terabytes of data in real-time, aka ‘big fast data’ is a huge competitive advantage [...]

Real-time Actionable Intelligence in the Travel Industry

Travel industry deals with a constantly changing business environment where the products offered for sale, their pricing and the associated promotions change on a regular basis. In this environment, the ability to make informed decisions by using real-time insights can become a huge competitive advantage. The following three use cases highlight how real-time actionable intelligence [...]

3 Ways to Grow Your Online Travel Business

Global online travel sales exceeded $160 billion in 2012, growing 12% year over year. This impressive growth can be further accelerated provided the right steps are taken to overcome these key challenges. 1. Loss of business to travel agents - Even with about 150 million online travel bookings last year, travel agents saw a growth in [...]