BigMemory enables Faster eCommerce

One of Australia’s largest retailers saw their customer base shifting towards online shopping and launched an ecommerce platform to meet their needs. Last year, the platform started experiencing instability under peak load such as during a promotional campaign or during the holiday shopping period. This resulted in server crashes, lost shopping carts, negative customer experiences, [...]

How does BigMemory detect fraud and save millions of dollars?

The growth of online commerce in the last few years has resulted in the growth of online fraud. All merchants have to play the balancing act of processing transactions fast and catching fraud, at the same time. This is a significant challenge as fraud is evolving continuously and to detect & prevent it, say, within [...]

Announcing the Launch of BigMemory 4.1

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest release BigMemory 4.1. This new release comes with several features to make it easier for our customers to manage in-memory data. BigMemory becomes universally accessible with this release by launching support for .Net/C# and C++ applications to directly use BigMemory. Now customers with a mixed [...]

Terracotta-Sponsored Big Data Course at UC Berkeley Comes to Completion

Last Friday on the rooftop level of a UC Berkeley building, two student groups went head-to-head unveiling formidable final presentations that concluded their Big Data course. The solutions demonstrated that the students had dared to dream as big as their data sets. Terracotta sponsored the Big Data course at UC Berkeley hoping to to familiarize [...]

Top 5 Must-Haves for In-Memory Data Management

The in-memory data management space remains hot as more and more critical applications push the limits of traditional architectures. And seemingly every vendor and their dog (from mega vendor to startup) is feeding $100 bills into their marketing machine to claim they are the best and everyone else falls short. When I read the FUD, [...]

The Data Scientist: A Sexy Hybrid Role

Countless blogs and articles have proclaimed “data scientist” the hottest job title of the year. Indeed, Harvard Business Review called it the “sexiest job of the 21st century”. Hyperbole or not, it appears that this will not just be a one-year phenomenon. A 2011 paper from McKinsey Global Institute identified a significant talent gap through [...]