Research paper leverages BigMemory to win first prize at IoT Conference

A team from Pervasive Computing Systems at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany has won the first prize in the white paper category at the recently held Urban IoT conference in Rome. Their paper uses spatio-temporal clustering techniques for removing duplicate data from citizen reports related to urban infrastructure monitoring issues like an open pothole, [...]

Unlocking Big Data at CERN: Strata + Hadoop World 2014 Event Report

Last week Manish Devgan, Head of Product Management for Terracotta and Matthias Braeger, Software Engineer at CERN presented at Strata. Their talk was focused on how CERN is unlocking big data using technologies such as Hadoop and Terracotta BigMemory. The session was packed, standing room only, with some very insightful questions at the end. Here’s a brief summary of the session [...]

European Shopping Club deploys BigMemory

We recently worked with a European shopping club with an annual revenue of approximately 100 million Euros. Their business model involves selling branded products through online auctions. So, once something is put up on sale, people have limited time to make a purchase. This makes performance and availability extremely critical in their environment. With the [...]

In-Memory & Internet of Things: Together they can do wonders

Internet of Things (IoT) has heralded a new era in computing technology by enabling devices to be connected and accessible at all times. According to Gartner, there will be nearly 26 billion devices by 2020. These include industrial devices that are used for improved operations, wearable devices or even home appliances. All these connected devices result in [...]

BigMemory supports 99.999% availability

In-Memory Data Management (IMDM) and high-availability sound like an oxymoron but with a need for low latency in several mission-critical applications, high availability has become a mandatory requirement. The advances in IMDM technology and the evolution of IMDM architectures have made high-availability possible even though data is stored in-memory. This can be achieved in several [...]

Terracotta BigMemory Dramatically Improves Performance and Availability for webMethods OneData

This is a guest post by Charles Greenberg, Senior Manager, Global MDM Product Marketing. When you consider today’s highly complex and diversified computing environments, and the huge volumes of data inter change, the case for buying an MDM solution has never been clearer or more urgent. Efficient and effective enterprise business processes, comprehensive and timely [...]

webMethods and BigMemory – Turbocharging Tomorrow’s Digital Enterprises

This is a guest post by Sachin Gadre, Director, Product Management, webMethods. A recent Gartner report on Web-Scale IT predicts that by 2017, 50% of the global enterprises will adopt modern architectures used by large cloud services providers like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. These large cloud providers are processing petabytes of data and supporting millions [...]